Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Hack the Met is looking for two new tour guides to help give our renegade VIP tours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Style Guide

Style reference guide for Hack the Met
We like to dress nice. And drink.

More Information

Spend your Friday and Saturday nights with us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You’ll be showing special people around the best fucking museum on Earth. We are all about dropping art knowledge in a passionate, grounded manner. Authenticity rules. (You’ll make good money, too.)

Next Step

Email [email protected] to apply.

Include a resume, a photo of yourself, and one awesome fact about a piece of art or a museum that you love.


This is a test post to see what sort of reply we get from sharing it on Facebook. You should apply! But if it takes us a few days to get back to you, or if we remove this page temporarily, don’t be alarmed. We want to be careful with our recruiting to make sure we do justice to this awesome space.